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BizzyNow Solutions stands out for providing excellent SaaS-based services to a diverse range of industries around the world. We offer SaaS-based services specifically designed to reduce your operational and administrative costs. It leads to a boost in productivity and lets you focus on what matters the most to you.

Why choose our CRM Service Solutions?

Reaching new leads and closing more deals is the name of the game, and that’s where we shine. We offer a range of services, such as Salon Management System, Appointment Scheduling System, Queue Management System, and HR Management Software. We empower businesses to finally turn the promise of the “CRM revolution” into reality worldwide.

BizzyNow solutions is a service-based company that focuses on solving the current needs of businesses and helping them prepare for the future with reliable and flexible solutions. Our unique approach to finding solutions for each client defines the foundation for our business, which consists of three pillars: Strategy, Development, and Support.

Tailored Software Solutions For Your Business

Salon Management System

Keep a tab on your day-to-day Salon operations, increase client retention rate, and business productivity.

Appointment Scheduling System

Book client’s appointments according to their and staff’s convenience, reduce overload and increase footfall.

Queue Management System

Serve customers on time, eliminate their waiting time, maintain regular queue flow and improve business operations.

HR Management System

Let HRs perform their job easily, track staff performance and attendance, calculate salary, manage leaves.