Why Success Starts from the Inside Out

Why Success Starts from the Inside Out

The way customers communicate with businesses is changing. This year, digital interaction is expected to overtake voice interaction to change customer expectations for the first time.

To optimize the customer experience through the channels used by customers, companies need digital self-service options. Digital self-service, however, is much deeper than connecting channels. All-channel strategies should be used, starting from the inside.

At Calabrio, we see firsthand how the introduction of a new channel will change the customer experience. Contact center agents interact with customers by phone, chat, text, email, social, and more, and customers expect a consistent quality experience no matter where they are.

If companies do not lay the right foundation, they risk building it. Customers frustrated and ruined the loyalty they were trying to find.

The big question is, are companies really meeting their digital self-service expectations?

We surveyed more than 1,000 market leaders and customer experience in the US and UK today, revealing the findings in our new report, The Danger of Digital: Why Digital Self-Service Without the Strategy. True omnichannel puts the entire customer experience at risk. Nashville at our annual Calabrio Customer Connect (C3) user conference, and the results were amazing.

Providing a quality experience across all channels is a high priority, and 93 percent of respondents think it is important, but only 45 percent think their company is doing it effectively for several reasons. : 42 percent said employees have not been trained regularly across all channels, 39 percent said they cannot collect customer contact data across all channels, and 38 percent simply have not.

Not a budget To learn more about how to get an overview of your customer experience, read our complete guide to customer contact analysis.

In addition, 44 percent said they had four or more channels of communication with brands, but 58 percent admitted they felt customers were using only two or three. And this is the problem in which problems occur. Companies are ignorant of their customers’ preferences and do not have the right internal processes to provide a seamless and consistent experience across all channels.

Omnichannel strategies go beyond adding new self-service options, requiring quality management, staffing and training at Calabrio, additional customer flexibility, and deeper integration of systems and processes. We are empowering companies to determine the experience of their customers. It is possible to achieve a seamless customer experience through the channel.

To learn more about preparing your organization for success across channels, download the full report.

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Taylor, a young sixteen millionaire, tells you what to do to succeed in life by refusing to walk your path and giving up. When you ignore the voice of rejection and act on our very true desires, there is no obstacle you cannot overcome.

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